What to automate and what not to automate.

Since automating digital security can help you save time and money and overall make your job easier, it is becoming more and more important. Additionally, according to Gartner, automation will receive even greater attention in the upcoming years as Gen Z digital natives begin to enter the workforce. That does not imply, though, that you should automate everything. It is best to leave some duties to people.

Here is a list of what you should automate and what you shouldn’t, especially in terms of your online security.

What to automate

Automating repetitious chores that require a lot of human management makes the most sense. Automate time-sensitive duties as well so they can still be completed even if you take a break or vacation. Here are a few examples of basic automation jobs and specific automation tasks for certificate administration.

In general, you should automate tasks like the following:

  • manual, repetitive activities
  • things with a loud voice
  • methods subject to human mistake
  • tasks that involve multiple persons
  • time-sensitive assignments
  • process vulnerable to audits
  • updates

Here are some of the certificate administration duties you can automate in relation to your digital certificates.

Request or renewal.

The process of renewing or requesting new certificates can be time-consuming, but auto-renew can help you save both.

Validation & approval

Verifying a domain, company, or person with a digital certificate is called validation. To speed up the process, your company can submit data for pre-validation. To automate certificate renewals, follow these steps. After you submit your information and it is validated, you can practice immediately issuing new certificates and renewing existing ones.

Visibility & reports

Any possible hazards or vulnerabilities in your network should be simple to uncover, and as problems are found, renewal and installation should be automated to deal with them promptly and effectively.


At Prima Secure, DigiCert Secure Site Pro provides an option for automatic revocation. Anyone can use the tool to report a problem, and it automatically evaluates the available information to decide whether certificate revocation is necessary. If yes, all impacted certificates’ revocations are scheduled automatically by the fix.

Code Signing

Even with a smaller crew, automated code signing ensures that your development processes proceed fast. Hence, by using a code signing manager, you can pre-plan and approve signature windows for secure releases and updates as well as automate code signing with a built-in API connection.

What not to automate

The temptation to automate everything might be strong in this era of digital change. There are some tasks you should not automate, though.


Don’t make everything automated! There are some chores that still call for human involvement.

Customer support

One crucial duty that shouldn’t be automated is customer care. Customers can distinguish between automated calls, automated responses, and real customer service.

Low ROI tasks

It is simply not worthwhile to automate jobs with a low Return on Investment (ROI). Furthermore, automation should generally be used for valuable, repeatable, and big-volume jobs. However, tasks that are low-volume, one-off initiatives will not benefit as much from automation.

Highly complex processes

The automation of some operations would be impossible due to their complexity. Hence, Automation would not be more effective for anything that requires many approval levels and decision-making.

Reasons to upgrade to DigiCert Secure Site Pro

The highest level of customer support

DigiCert prioritizes assistance and certification for Secure Site customers. You’ll get the quickest validation speeds possible on your initial issuance, and all future certificates will be provided immediately.

You do not need to be concerned about the safety of your website

DigiCert Secure Site offers industry-leading security while remaining discreet to your regular routine. Furthermore, You won’t have to worry about it since DigiCert offers the industry’s quickest OCSP (online certificate status protocol) timings.

Management of certification is automated.

Management of certificates is an extremely time-consuming process. CertCentral, our single-pane management portal, is available to all DigiCert Secure Site customers. It allows you to easily and intuitively manage your certificates during their full lifecycle.


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