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Symantec SSL Certificates

Symantec SSL certificates, formerly known as VeriSign SSL. Two of the SSL certificates provide extended validation for domains and websites, while the other two SSL certificates provide only Organization validation for websites, intranets and extranets.
Symantec existed before having SSL, and VeriSign still exists. Also, Symantec have no Domain validation certs under the Symantec Brand.

Symantec is the certificate of choice for most financial and government institutions


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Entrust SSL Certificates

You can get all of the SSL certificate types you need from one source. Our offerings include basic SSL certificates, more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates and specialty certificates for secure email, code-signing, device authentication or PDF document signing.


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Comodo SSL Certificates.

A Comodo SSL Certificate is the quickest and most cost effective way for an online business to protect customer transactions. Apart from their low cost, each certificate also comes with a great value-add package, which makes them perfect for small to medium size businesses.


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Thawte SSL certificats.

Customers who feel secure online are more likely to complete a purchase, personalize their profile, and return to your website. SSL certificates from Thawte provide robust authentication and encryption, reassuring your customers that their data and transactions are secure. Expert support, an industry-leading authentication process, and easy online management make Thawte SSL Certificates the best choice for securing your site.


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Geotrust SSL Certificates.

GeoTrust® offers a range of value-priced SSL Certificates with fast delivery. Choose the authentication method to maximize trust for your business: Extended Validation, full organization validation or domain authentication.


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Rapid SSL.

RapidSSL issues most SSL certificates witin minutes of enrollment, helping you develop and launch a secure site quickly. Our root certificate has 99+% browser recognition.


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Positive SSL.

Positive SSL certificates are technically identical or stronger, come with more value-add features and cost less than those offered by our competitors. Featuring high strength 2048 bit digital signatures, immediate online issuance and unlimited server licenses, Positive SSL Certificates provide a quick, cost effective solution for companies looking to secure online transactions. More importantly, your customers are assured that it is safe to do business with you because their sensitive information is encrypted and remains private.


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Digicert SSL.

Get SSL certificate, email security and other enterprise prodcuct from Digicert

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SSL Certificate Competitive Comparison

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a SSL certificate for your website. There are different types of certificates that vary according to:

  • The strength of encryption.
  • The extent to which the identity of the website owner has been validated by the 3rd-party.
  • The ability for the certificate to be shared by multiple websites with either the same domain name eg) and, or having a single certificate be shared by multiple disparate domain names eg) and

Let’s take a look at some examples of the various types of certificates and what are the security implications of using each:


SSL Certificate Type

Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) offers perhaps the highest level of website integrity, by subjecting the website owner to a rigorous set of tests to validate the website owner’s legitimacy to the claim of domain ownership from a legal standpoint. From a technical perspective, EV SSL certificates will cause the padlock icon and the “https://” in modern web browsers to turn green, indicating that the session is being secured through EV SSL.

You can obtain a Thawte SSL certificate, Geotrust SSL certificate, or a Symantec SSL certificate at anyone of the aforementioned levels of validation.

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Organisation Validated Certificate

An organisation validated certificate is a step up from a domain validated one, in that the ownership of the domain and the verification of the existence of the domain owner as a legal entity must be established, prior to the issuance of this type of certificate. This may involve submitting legal documentation to the certificate issuer for verification purposes.

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Domain Validated Certificate

A domain validated certificate is the most rudimentary type of certificate, in terms of validating the website owner’s identity and legitimate claim to the domain. It basically asserts that the certificate was authorized by the domain name owner, and that is the extent of it. It does not guarantee that the website owner is a legitimate entity. While the SSL session is guaranteed encrypted, this is done in the absence of any assertion of confidence in the credibility of the website owner. This can leave open the possibility for phishing or “man in the middle” attacks and scams, and should not be used for commercial websites which involve significant financial transactions, particularly where government oversight and regulation may be involved.

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Wildcard Certificate Vs Single Certificates Vs SAN Certificates-

Depending on your business needs, if you need to secure only one single website, then a single certificate would suffice. But if you have multiple websites that you manage, then it would be simpler and more cost-effective for you to buy either a wildcard certificate or a SAN (subject-alternative-name) certificate.

You can obtain a Thawte SSL certificate, Geotrust SSL certificate, or a Symantec SSL certificate that offers either one of these options for securing multiple websites.

Establishing trust with your customers should be of utmost priority, especially in this day and age when security breaches, fraud, and identity theft are rampantly occurring with increasing frequency.

That is why choosing the right SSL certificate is a decision that should not be taken ligh

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