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SSL Certificates

SSL certificates Ensure high level of trust and security with premium certs from Digicert, Thawte, Sectigo , RapidSSL, Geotrust, Entrust & Positive SSL. Whether you wish to protect your website transaction , secure your server , intranet or sign code and document, Prima Secure is able to offer a complete security solution from a single vending point,

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Chose your EV extended validation(EV) from the robust SHA-512 RSA  Secure Site Pro EV to Basic 256 bits RSA Thawte, Geotrust, Sectigo and Digicert Basic SSL

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SSL Certificates

If you are trading online, a SSL certificate is the most probably the first thing you should think about. SSL don’t only encrypt data between your website and the customer, it also provides a business authentication ensuring your visitors they are dealing with the right entity.

Type of SSL certificates

The type of certificates available as well as their application mainly depend on the transactions you conduct on your site.

  1. Extended validation or EV: This certificate has the highest level of validation; it doesn’t only have a high-level encryption; this SSL also validates your organization name through the green address bar. We recommend this certificate for financial and trading websites.
  2. Organization validate or OV: This certificate confirms the website owner’s identity as well as registration with the local business registrar. this can be used on mail server and non-transactional websites
  3. Domain Validated or DV: This is the lowest level of authentication and only confirms domain right of the certificate requestor; this is recommended for any internal websites.

Why use Prima Secure?

We all know how draining the SSL validation process can be, here are some the added value for using Prima Secure:

  1. Validation: We pre-validate your certificate to anticipate any documentation the vendor will require in order to speed up the issuance process. our team handles all follow up so you can concentrate on running your business.
  2. Support: We keep all support in-house; this enables us to provide better service delivery; we will assist you from the certificate generation to installation at no extra cost.
  3. Discount: We extend our partner discount to our customer meaning we are able to offer up to 55% off on selected brands.
  4. Payment: as our customers are globally located, we offer billing in the following currencies:” USD, EUR, CHF & ZAR”. means of payment can be via bank transfer to our Swiss or South African bank, Credit Card, PayPal or 30 days net (T&C Applies)

Which brands do we sell?

We are a registered and authorized partner pf the following brands:

  1. Thawte: Thawte SSL is one of the most recognized certificate brand on the market.
  2. Geotrust: Geotrust SSL provide a wide range of certificate from EV, DV, Wildcards and OV.
  3. DigiCert: DigiCert SSL with it secure site pro range provide the most robust certificate on the market.
  4. Sectigo: Sectigo SSL previously Comodo SSL is one of the largest certificate provider on the market.
  5. Positive SSL: Positive SSL provides a wide range of domain validated certificates.
  6. Rapid SSL: rapid SSL is a DigiCert own brands that provides domain validated certificates.
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