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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates offer secure sessions and encrypted communications between your website and any internet browser. SSL abbreviation means Secure Sockets Layer, the cryptographic protocols which provide the encryption and secure site communications on the Internet. SSL Certificates are typically installed on website pages that require end-users to submit sensitive information over the internet like credit card details or passwords, for example, this information is frequently required on payment pages for credit card transactions, personal login and password form of users, and data transfer.

Why use an EV certificate?

Certificates with Extended Validation (EV) are regarded as the highest class of all SSL certificates available on the market. They are the only certificates that trigger both the padlock and the green address bar in high-security web browsers. The certificate authority is displayed next to the web address, which adds even more credibility to your website. Your visitors can see at a glance that your site meets the industry’s highest standard for authentication.

Extended Validation was established years ago by the CA/Browser Forum, an association of web browser vendors and certificate authorities. Since EV is by far the most rigorous way of verifying identity information and the authority of companies or individuals that apply for an SSL certificate, an Extended Validation certificate provides a strong guarantee that the website owner passed a thorough identification process. The applicant has to prove not only exclusive rights to use the domain, but also its physical and legal existence.

The main key benefit of buying the SSL Certificate to your site is gaining clients trust. Along with this fact, the SSL Certificates guarantee data security, increase the website Google Ranking and improve conversion rates.
Trusted and secured websites of any organization are more popular between users in taking online payments or entering confidential information.


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