Domain Validated (DV)

Domain Validation SSL Certificate.

SSL certificates are classified into three types: domain validation, organization validation (OV) SSL, and extended validation (EV) SSL, with domain validation (DV) being the most common. Before issuing this SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority (CA) that issued it performs a quick domain name verification.

There are several options for completing the Domain SSL verification process. If they are incomplete or do not meet the requirements, the CA may refuse to issue the SSL certificate.

How does Domain Validation work?

This entry-level SSL certificate’s verification procedure is straightforward. For domain name verification, the CA uses email, file-based verification, or checks the WHOIS (who is responsible for this domain name?) registrar.

Who should buy Domain Validated SSL (DV)?

Domain validated SSL certificates are ideal for the following applications:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Websites for individuals
  • Bloggers

These website owners simply want to encrypt their primary domain. They appreciate the low cost and low cost of this web security solution and thus prefer to use it.

Domain validated SSL Signature Features

  • 2048-bits RSA Key
  • Secure encryption that is robust up to 256 bits
  • Can be secured by both www as well as non-www domains
  • Compatible with 99.9 percent of all mobile and web browsers

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