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The GeoTrust True BusinessID is one of the most sought-after SSL certificates in the industry. That’s because it offers top-of-the-line encryption, numerous trust indicators, and a widely recognized site seal, all at a budget-friendly price.


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SSL Certificates: Geotrust True BusinessID

Geotrust True BusinessID or Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple subdomains on a single certificate, reducing management time and cost.

Whether it’s your company’s home page or your mail server’s hostname, protecting sensitive information is your goal —and it’s our goal too.

The webserver wildcard certificate is the perfect SSL certificate for midsize organizations needing a secure connection for their website mail server.

Unlike regular SSL certificates, Thawte wildcard SSL secures multiple sub-domains within the same domain from a single SSL certificate

Thawte is one of the most recognized brands on the market that caters to customers from different business segments across the globe.

Product Features

  • Most certificates are issued in one day.
  • Get more for your money with unlimited subdomains and licenses.
  • Free reissues and the GeoTrust reputation.
  • Add SAN to secure additional domains and multi-level subdomains on one certificate.
  • Manage all your GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL certificates with our Security Center console.
  • Protect your customers by using a reliable, high-security business identity validated SSL certificate
    With a True BusinessID Wildcard certificate,

Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple sub-domains (within the same domain) through a single certificate.

Depending on your budget, level of authentication and encryption as well as brand recognition and trust you require, there are multiple solutions available to match your business needs.



GeoTrust is a global SSL certificate authority. These SSL certificates protect and validate a wide range of internet enterprises, regardless of their size.

Types of GeoTrust Certificates

  • EV SSL
  • GeoTrust OV
  • OV Wildcard
  • DV Wildcard

GeoTrust Product Features


Provides a trust seal that identifies users and can be displayed on a website. It is possible to have a dynamic or static site seal.


The certificate you purchase will include 256-bit encryption, which encrypts data sent between the server and the browser.


Compatible with the majority of browsers and servers. When you browse the webpage, the browser will not display any warnings.


If a private key is lost or if you need to install the same SSL on a different server, you get unlimited re-issuance.


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GeoTrust True BusinessID

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