Sectigo SSL

Sectigo SSL Certificates

These Sectigo SSL certificates collaborates with businesses of all sizes to provide automated public and private PKI solutions for webservers, user access, linked devices, and applications.


 EV SSL   

EV Multi-domain    


 OV Wildcard

DV Wildcard

Trust at first glance

Extended Validation

Sectigo Extended Validation (EV) SSL will enable your company name to be added to the browser interface in a branded address bar.

Security & Authenticity

Organisation Validated

Sectigo OV certificates will validate your organization’s connections, allow encryption, and enable web browser trust indications.

Quick and easy

Domain Validated

SSL certificates with Domain Validation (DV) are the most dependable solution to provide industry-standard encryption to websites. The quickest and most straightforward SSL certificates for activating encryption and removing security warnings on your website.

Secure Multiple Subdomains

Wildcard Certificates

Sectigo Wildcard certificates are the most convenient way to provide SSL protection and encryption for a domain and its subdomains.

Sectigo Product Features

Trust Seal

Provides a trust seal that identifies users and can be displayed on a website. It is possible to have a dynamic or static site seal.


The certificate you purchase will include 256-bit encryption, which encrypts data sent between the server and the browser.


Compatible with the majority of browsers and servers. When you browse the webpage, the browser will not display any warnings.


If a private key is lost or if you need to install the same SSL on a different server, you get unlimited re-issuance.

 Benefits of using Sectigo SSL Certificate

  • Improve visibility: Get server-level monitoring for your website to avoid security issues like malicious code infection and to provide your users with a pleasant experience.
  • Centralized Management: Through the offered interface, you have entire control over how security issues are addressed, and you can check your statistics and performance data at any time.
  • White labeling: The Sectigo Web Security Platform can be co-branded or white-labeled. As a result, you may provide your customer with a comprehensive branding experience.
  • Automated scanning: Checks the server as well as general security in an automated or scheduled manner. It also provides automatic monitoring and client protection for your website.

DigiCert SSL Certificates is the industry’s most trusted and widely respected provider of high-assurance certificates, trusted by the world’s top companies to secure billions of transactions, worth billions of dollars, every day.