Thawte delivers internet security and a large selection of SSL certificates that start at a low price with several suppliers offering the cheapest certificates for the lowest price per year

Types of Thawte SSL certificates

  • EV SSL
  • OV Wildcard
  • OV SSL
  • DV Wildcard

Thawte Product Features


The certificate you purchase will include 256-bit encryption, which encrypts data sent between the server and the browser.


If a private key is lost or if you need to install the same SSL on a different server, you get unlimited re-issuance.


Provides a trust seal that identifies users and can be displayed on a website. It is possible to have a dynamic or static site seal.


Compatible with the majority of browsers and servers. When you browse the webpage, the browser will not display any warnings.

Benefits of Thawte SSL Certificate

Unlimited server licensing

The Thawte SSL certificate comes with unlimited SSL server licensing as standard. This solution allows an SSL certificate to protect numerous servers without the need for additional licenses.

Industry-leading tech support

Offers the greatest technical support to its clients. As a result, it is the world’s fifth-largest certificate authority.

Thawte SSL certificate center

You get full access to the Thawte certificate center. As a result, its online portal makes it easy to monitor and purchase a certificate. A consolidated management interface, speedier enrollment, and individual attention are all available through the Thawte certificate center.

Access to SSL/TLS: 

Gives you enhanced access to certain valuable SSL/TLS tools. This feature is quite useful for ensuring reliable services.

5 Products

  • Thawte - 50 % Off
    $ 74.00$ 208.00

    Thawte powered by DigiCert as your website’s online trust provider, customers will feel secure doing business with you over the Internet. Expert support, robust authentication practices, and easy online management make Thawte the best value for SSL certificates and code signing certificates. Secure sensitive customer information and verify your identity or domain with help from a trusted certificate authority.

  • Thawte - 40 % Off
    $ 238.00$ 664.00

    Thawte SSL WebServer certificates with EV enable the ideal visible security indicator: the green address bar in the most current browsers makes clear to the user that your Web site is secure and that your identification was conducted according to the highest industry-wide standards.

  • Thawte - 61 % Off
    $ 290.00$ 812.00

    Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard is the go-to SSL certificate for those times when you need a Certificate Authority that offers an SSL certificate properly-priced and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • Thawte - 48 % Off
    $ 140.00$ 392.00

    The Thawte Webserver certificate is the perfect SSL certificate for midsize organizations needing a secure connection for their website mail server

  • Thawte - 49 % Off
    $ 430.00$ 1'205.00

    Thawte wildcard is the perfect certificate for midsize organizations needing a secure connection for their website mail server. Unlike regular SSL certificates, Thawte wildcard SSL secures multiple sub-domains within the same domain from a single SSL certificate