Multi-Domain (SAN )

What is Multi-Domain?

Multi-domain manages all types of master data in one location, bringing together the various data domains and processes associated with each. Multi-domain goes a step further by combining all of your domains into a single platform. A domain is the type of data that is being referenced. Customer data, products, financials, locations, employees, and data about various industries are some of the most popular data domains.

What are Subject Alternative Names (SANs) used for?

Subject Alternative Names (SANs) are used in three ways:

  1. A single TLS/SSL certificate can secure host names on multiple base domains.
  2. Multiple TLS/SSL sites can be virtualized on a single IP address.
  3. Simplify the TLS/SSL configuration on your server.

Benefits of using Multi-Domain

  • Segmentation and audience targeting
  • Protecting your brand
  • Funneling traffic
  • Complementary developments

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