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Sectigo Multi-Domain are Organization Validated (or OV) SSL certificates that enable encryption, and turn on web browser trust indicators while offering validation of the identity of the organization that controls the certificate. Compatible with all popular browsers, server software, and internet infrastructure components, OV certificates offer strong 256-bit encryption.

This SSL certificate includes 3 domains  (Common name + 2 additional SAN names)

Product feature

  • includes 3 domains name (Common name + 2 additional SAN names)
  • Activates HTTPS.
  • Displays the lock symbol in browsers.
  • Strong 256-bit encryption.
  • Compatible with all popular browsers.
  • Unlimited Re-Issuance.
  • Unlimited server licenses.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Sectigo TrustLogo.
  • $1,000,000 warranty

OV SSL Validation Checklist

When Sectigo issues an Organization Validation SSL certificate, we will verify that your organization is a legal, legitimate entity. Sectigo will issue your digital certificate after verifying your organization through a few steps including confirming your organization’s presence in the registered location, telephone numbers, and domain ownership.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates provide an extra level of online trust by authenticating the business identity and legitimacy. Organizations must prove it owns the domain name it wishes to secure and confirm that it is a legally registered business. This extra level of confirmation makes OV SSL certificates an ideal option for public-facing websites representing companies and organizations as well as sites requesting money or information from users, such as e-Commerce. Choose from single domain, multi-domain, and wildcard SSL options.

Sectigo Multi-Domain is the certificate of choise should you wish to secure multiple subdomain accross differents domains.

To ensure the process begins smoothly, double check that all information registered with your state or country matches information supplied at checkout and in your user dashboard and is up to date. Sectigo will confirm that your organization is registered and active in the location provided.



Sectigo SSL certificates is one of the largest CA on the market. After recent acquisition of Comodo as well as Positive SSL, Sectigo position itself as one of the leading brands. They currently offer multiple type of certificate as well as different price point depending on your security needs.

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