DigiCert Basic SSL

DigiCert Basic SSL is a standard business authentication certificate that was built on DigiCert’s original foundation and continues to offer great value from a name you can trust. These certificates come with a DigiCert Seal to show that you take identity seriously. And with DigiCert’s expertise in validation, you should have your business-validated SSL/TLS certificate issued quickly.

This certificate has been the choice of many websites across the world. This is a budget-friendly option that leverages the DigiCert brand name the new leader in certificate security.

When you need to secure your business, institution, or entity website sooner, the DigiCert Standard/Basic SSL is a fantastic option. You can get your certificate issued as soon as one to two business days with the basic business validation.

You have access to all the protection and encryption you need with DigiCert Standard SSL to win your client’s faith in your security and privacy policies.

Features and Benefits of DigiCert Basic SSL Certificate

  • Level of Encryption – The number of bits required to create the encryption key determines the level of security offered by an SSL certificate. The data is then encrypted using that key. Depending on the capabilities of the web browser and server, the majority of our SSL certificates use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption. The data protection business uses both 256- and 128-bit encryption.
  • Website SSL Seal – The site seal provides tangible evidence of the security your website’s SSL certificate gives. Because most web users are aware to seek for it, it has actually become the primary reason many website owners and managers purchase an SSL certificate. Depending on the type of SSL certificate issued, seals have different aesthetics, but they all convey the same message: your users’ data is secure.

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