Reasons to Upgrade to Extended Validation.

What is an Extended Validation certificate?

An Extended Validation Certificate is a type of TLS/SSL certificate that certifies that the certificate holder has completed the most thorough degree of verification to ensure that their website is authentic.

EV certificates are best used on these websites and pages:

  • Global banks and financial services
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Global 2000 companies
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprises

4 Reasons to Upgrade to Extended Validation

Increase transaction rate.

Green address bars increase transaction rates on sensitive websites including shopping carts, login screens, and financial transaction sites. Any page where a visitor must enter a credit card number or personally identifiable information would benefit from a green address bar (PII).

Provides visual confirmation of website ownership.

Green address bars reassure site visitors that they’ve reached the correct location. This boosts their total trust in you as a business partner.

Reduces bounce rate.

The use of an EV SSL Certificate on a website helps to reduce bounced visits, resulting in increased average time on site and number of pages visited. Customers trust a site if it has a green bar that includes the firm name as well. As a result, they remain and explore the website with confidence.

Fight phishing attacks.

Phishing attacks rely on convincing victims to enter login credentials, personally identifiable information (PII), credit card numbers, or other sensitive information on websites that appear to be the genuine sites these visitors would visit. In these ways, Extended Validation combats these assaults:

  1. The Extended Validation standards demand that the person requesting the certificate be properly examined. Because phishing sites contain identity theft by their very nature, this screening prevents a criminal from acquiring a certificate in the spoofing target’s name.
  2. The green bar indication is prominent at the top of the browser, having it on the actual page makes the faked page’s absence noticeable.
  3. If a phisher passes the screening procedure, its name will be revealed making it easier to be tracked down.

The future of Extended Validation.

New needs and uses for EV and SSL certificates, in general, have risen and extended during the last 10 years. There is every reason to believe that the current trend will continue. You can cross that item off your to-do list right now by deploying EV SSL. If you require EV SSL as a result of a new regulation or best practice, you’ll be certified without having to make any changes on your end.

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