Reasons to upgrade to DigiCert Secure Site Pro

What is DigiCert Secure Site Pro?

Secure Site Pro is an all-in-one website security solution with extensive features. Admins may set up, monitor, and respond to threats with Secure Site Pro. As a result, Secure Site Pro is the TLS certificate of choice for brands looking to defend themselves against today’s and tomorrow’s digital dangers.

They offer a variety of SSL certificates, including Wildcard, Multi-Domain, Extended Validation, and more. And, because of its purchase of Symantec, it now has the largest proportion of business validation certificates of any company.

Reasons to upgrade to DigiCert Secure Site Pro.

1.    The highest level of customer support.

DigiCert prioritizes assistance and certification for Secure Site customers. You’ll get the quickest validation speeds possible on your initial issuance, and all future certificates will be provided immediately.

2.    You do not need to be concerned about the safety of your website.

DigiCert Secure Site offers industry-leading security while remaining discreet to your regular routine. Furthermore, You won’t have to worry about it since DigiCert offers the industry’s quickest OCSP (online certificate status protocol) timings.

3.    Management of certification is automated.

Management of certificates is an extremely time-consuming process. CertCentral, our single-pane management portal, is available to all DigiCert Secure Site customers. It allows you to easily and intuitively manage your certificates during their full lifecycle.

4.    Encryption strength.

The DigiCert Secure Site SSL provides 256, 384, 512 of RSA or 256 and 384 ECC cryptosystems for signing.

What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography certificate or ECC certificate? – (

5.    Different certificates for different businesses.

Every business is unique. As a result, we provide a flexible range of options that are designed to meet your specific needs now and to grow with you in the future.

6.    Customers will know that you are serious.

By far the most recognizable and trusted indicator of website security is the Norton Seal. As a DigiCert Secure Site customer, your customers will see visual proof of your dedication to the highest level of security.

Top Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Priority validation

With fast validation service, you may receive certificates quickly with priority validation. Secure Site and Secure Site Pro users have access to priority validation. It is always active for clients on such plans, ensuring that their certifications are given top priority by our validation teams for the quickest turnaround times possible.

Priority support

Secure Site Pro clients that have prioritized support receive a specific call-in number for help and their emails/messages. DigiCert provides five-star assistance with a personal phone, email, and chat line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as tailored help in your organization’s area and language.

Choice of trust marks

DigiCert Secure Site Pro comes with one of two well-known site seals: 1) the DigiCert Secured site seal from the internet’s most reputable CA 2) or the Norton Powered by DigiCert seal, which is one of the most well-known trust marks on the internet. In fact, 90% of individuals identify a DigiCert mark, and 93% of customers who see the DigiCert seal during checkout continue to check out.

Additional Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Vulnerability assessment

Determine website vulnerabilities that are used in cyberattacks to keep your organization and consumers safe. You can view an immediate report grouped by threat level after scanning your public-facing web pages, web-based applications, server software, and network ports. This allows you to swiftly resolve the most urgent vulnerabilities by priority. You can also tailor the scan by specifying specific TLS/SSL server faults you want to look for. Vulnerability assessment helps you stay PCI compliant while reducing your team’s effort by automatically pointing out ways to increase network security.

CT log monitoring

Certificate Transparency) is an open framework of logs, monitors, and auditors designed to assist domain owners in managing digital certificates issued on their behalf. CT logs assist domain owners in protecting their brand by making it simple to identify misused certificates.

In addition. CT log monitoring also allows you to view public CT logs in real-time in order to keep an eye out for TLS certificates issued for the domains listed on your Secure Site Pro certificates.

PQC Test Kit

Quantum computing, according to 71% of IT professionals, will be a major danger in the near future. Companies must start preparing now to deal with these environmental challenges.
The PQC Test Kit enables you to start planning post-quantum security measures and testing hybrid PQC/RSA certificates to see how they affect other applications on your network right now.
The following are examples of PQC test kit from DigiCert:

  • TLS certificates using a hybrid RSA/PQC signature.
  • An Apache webserver/ISARA catalyst server that has been modified
  • Firefox may be customized.

Find out more about preparing for PQC at


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