Digicert Secure Site Pro Wildcard

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DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard Pro

DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard Pro is one of the most robust SSL certificates in the industry known to protect your website against different threats. This is a comprehensive solution for the advanced security of your business website. This certificate helps you in securing all the domains you have in your company network.

Not only it protects sensitive data of your company, such as personal and credit card details of your customers, but also helps you in saving your money and time. Purchase this SSL certificate today for added business benefits.

Product Features

  • Organization validation
  • Compatible with smartphone devices and major browsers
  • Enables 256-bit encryption
  • Protects identity and credit card details of your clients
  • Protects you from phishing
  • Offers absolute flexibility
  • Unlimited server licenses



DigiCert SSL certificates is one of the most trusted and recognized brands on the markets. This SSL certificate provides 3 levels of authentication and encryptions to match every business need.

  • Secure Site Pro: most robust with up to 512 bits RSA, 7-+ antivirus, vulnerability assessment post quantum cryptology & priority support.
  • Secure Site: business SSL with 256 bits RSA, Vulnerability assessment (EV only) priority support.
  • Basic SSL: 256 Bits RSA as an entry level certificate.


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Digicert Secure Site Pro Wildcard

$ 4'000.00