Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

We provide Endpoint security form industry leading vendor that helps you protect Network  and Secure Your Company from Malware & Data Breaches. Cloud Malware Protection. Antivirus. Anti-Phishing. Advanced Memory Scanner. Network Attack Protection. Removable Media Control. Cloud-powered Scanning. Anti Malware.

Endpoint protection goes beyond a simple antivirus by providing a multi-layered solution that protects you against phishing or ransomware

This is bundled with our web security from ssl certificate as well as network backup and restore gives you the complete security solution for your company IT environment.

We currently provide the following endpoint solutions:

  • Symantec Endpoint protection
  • Symantec Endpoint encryption
  • Trend Micro Security
  • Kaspersky Total security
  • Mcafee endpoint
  • Symantec endpoint suite