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Why purchase through a reseller

Most customers purchase directly from the manufacturer because they believe it’s safer and will be getting the best possible pricing vs support ration. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

all purchases done through Prima Secure are handled by the manufacturer according to their policies and procedures, you receive the exact same certificate with the following added value

  • Discount: You received up to 50% discount on selected products.
  • Your products issuance: Your order is pre-validated to ensure it meets the manufacturer standard to speedup delivery.
  • Support: you are not assigned to a support queue; all your issues are handled directly by your account manager who will ensure to contact the manufacturer on your behalf and solve any problems that might occur.
  • Single vending point: our product portfolio enable us to find the most cost efficient solution


Resellers deals high volume of products on an annual basis which entitle us to a significant discount we can extend to our customers. These discounts can go anywhere from a minimum of 10% to 50% of the direct price.

In most case, customers won’t be able to obtain such discount from the direct manufacturer sales team even when purchasing a high volume.


One of the best advantages of purchasing through a reseller is the superior support. Unless you have an enterprise account, support becomes tricky as you will mostly have to resort to chat or phone support queue to have any issue resolved. Manufacturers don’t allocate an account manager for non-enterprise customers meaning you become a number in the queue.

On the other hand, Prima Secure as a reseller can assign a dedicated account manager who will ensure all your issues are processed and handled with priority and efficiency

Why choose us:

We currently secure offer our services to multiple banks and financial institutions and are growing on a daily basis.

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