Thawte SSL123

Thawte SSL123

Thawte SSL123

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The Thawte® SSL123 SSL Certificate is a low cost fast issuance and domain validated ssl certificate. The Thawte® SSL123 offers up to 256-bit encryption and is compatible with 99.9% of browsers on the market. The Thawte® SSL123 is issued within minute provided a valid email address is submitted during the enrolment process

A domain validated (DV) SSL certificate is the most rudimentary type of SSL, in terms of validating the website owner's identity and legitimate claim to the domain.

It basically asserts that the SSL certificate was authorized by the domain name owner, and that is the extent of it. It does not guarantee that the website owner is a legitimate entity.

This certificate is recommended for non-transactional and internal urls.


Product features

  • Basic affordable encryption—get your certificate in minutes
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • Great value, fast order processing
  • Manage your certificates from one account
  • $500,000 USD extended warranty
  • Thawte™ Trusted Site Seal enhances trust
  • Free support and certificate reissues

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