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Thawte is one of the most trusted names in the field of internet security. Founded in 1995 in South Africa, Thawte was the first certificate authority (CA) to issue SSL certificates to public entities organizations outside of the United States. Today, Thawte SSL certificates are recognized by almost 100 percent of all web browsers. Thus, the certificates are especially useful for businesses targeting a broad spectrum of internet surfers. Mobile devices like tablets, smartphones etc. also verify Thawte SSL certificates.

If you want to protect your website from cyberspace threats, you can’t go wrong with a Thawte SSL certificate. They are spot-on for businesses and all other kinds of public institutions opting for brand-quality trust. Prima Secure offers you a wide selection of affordable Thawte certificates, ranging from Domain Validation (DV) certificates to Extended Validation certificates that cover up to 25 additional domain names. By purchasing a multi-year Thawte SSL certificate, you save even more money. For prices and details, please visit our online store or reach out to our staff at

Types of Thawte SSL certificates

Currently, Thawte offers five different types of SSL certificates. The most basic certificate (SSL123 / from 97 USD per year) covers one domain plus the corresponding website. This domain-only validation SSL certificate provides up to 256-bit encryption and includes a 100k USD warranty, free reissues, the Thawte Trusted Site Seal as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. A domain validated Thawte SSL certificate is usually issued within minutes.

SSL Web Server certificates (from 165 USD/year) create a private and secure connection between a web browser and a web server – including gateways, mail and FTP servers. All certificates of this type come with a 250k USD warranty. When you purchase a SAN certificate with your Thawte SSL certificate, you can add up to 25 additional domain names to one certificate.

Wildcard SSL certificates from Thawte start from 438 USD per year. They provide protection for multiple sub-domains using a single certificate. In this way, you save costs and management time. In addition, this Thawte SSL certificate secures not only a vast number of first-level subdomains (*, but also the base domain ( is added as a free SAN).

The fourth type of Thawte SSL certificates offered on is SSL Web Server
with Extended Validation
(from 262 USD/year). Because of the rigorous authentication process that is required to receive an EV certificate, it is considered as the most trusted SSL certificate available. If you use a Thawte SSL certificate with Extended Validation to secure one or multiple websites, the address bar of the user’s web browser will turn green and show a closed padlock.

If you plan to buy a code signing certificate, Prima Secure offers you a secure and affordable solution: Using a Thawte Code Signing Certificate (from 270 USD/year) will build trust in your reputation and drastically reduce error messages. The certificates are recognized by almost all leading platforms.

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