Digicert secure site EV

Digicert Secure Site Pro with EV

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Digicert secure site EV

Secure Site Pro EV

The Secure Site Pro EV SSL Certificate also known as Digicert business SSL are the most trusted and recommended SSLs for financial and government institution.
This Certificate offer a step up in security as it offers EEC encryption for the highest level of security it also offer the highest level of validation as it confirms the website owner identity in the address bar
This is the SSL of choice for transactional website, E-banking or any government entity.
Get the peace-of-mind that comes with 64,000 times stronger encryption. 3 algorithms—including ECC—all in one certificate, ECC algorithm provides 64,000x the strength of RSA and visual cues that give customers confidence

Product Feature

  • Up to 250 SANs (Subject alternative names)
  • Extended Validation
  • up to 512 bits RSA
  • 384 ECC Cryptology
  • Daily malware and scan made of up to 70 anti-viruses
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Up to 99.999% browser compatibility
Digicert ssl Certificates, Business SSL or Secure site SSL is the most trusted & most robust certificate on the marekt.
It is the SSL certificate of choice for financial institutions as well as governments across the world. This SSL goes beyond the simple encryption by providing a daily malware scan as well as a vulnerability assessment to stay ahead of any treat your website might encounter.



Digicert secure site EV


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