Why use an EV certificate

Why use an EV certificate


What is an EV certificate?

EV certificate or Extended Validation (EV) are regarded as the highest level of authentication  of  SSL certificates. They are the only certificates that trigger both the padlock and the green address bar while displaying the identity of the website owner. 

EV certificates increase the website credibility as all visitors are able to confirm the website owner identity.

Extended Validation was established years ago by the CA/Browser Forum, an association of web browser vendors and certificate authorities.

The EV certificate is by far the most rigorous way of verifying identity information and the authority of companies or individuals that apply for an SSL certificate, an Extended Validation certificate provides a strong guarantee that the website owner passed a thorough identification process. The applicant has to prove not only exclusive rights to use the domain, but also its physical and legal existence.

What type of Website needs EV?

EV certificates are mainly used on websites that accepts payments or requires a hight level of authentication such as bank or government as they collect sensitive data. 

Banks, insurance carriers, credit unions and other financial institutions are favorite targets for phishing attacks and other cyber security threats, having an EV Certificate is the best way to give the customers peace of mind and tell them that the website they are visiting has passed the strict guidelines maintained by the CA/Browser Forum. As soon as the address bar turns green, they know that the site owner actually is who he says he is.