SSL Certificate comparaison

SSL Certificate comparaison

SSL Certificates are not a one-size-fits-all as each certificate type will fit your website transaction purpose.

Certificates Type

Extended validation certificates- EV certificates

The Extended Validation SSL offers the highest level of website authentication by validating the website owner’s legitimacy. this certificate confirms the website owner through a green address bar that displays the organisation name and country of incorporation

This requires validation of:

  • Business registration and active status with the local registrar authority.
  • Right over domain to be secured.
  • confirmation of employment and right of the requestor.

Organisation Validated  Certificates- OV certificates

The organisation validated certificate ensures the legal status of the entity is active as well as validates  the individual requesting the certificate.

This may involve submitting legal documentation to the certificate issuer for verification purposes.

Domain Validated Certificates- DV certificates

A domain validated certificate is the lowest authentication type of certificate, in terms of validating the website owner’s identity and legitimate claim to the domain. The DV certificate only validated the right of use of the domain and does not guarantee that the website owner is a legitimate entity.

Wildcard certificates 

Depending on your business needs, if you need to secure only one single website, then a single certificate would suffice. But if you have multiple websites that you manage, then it would be simpler and more cost-effective for you to buy either a wildcard certificate or a SAN (subject-alternative-name) certificate.

Establishing trust with your customers should be of utmost priority, especially in this day and age when security breaches, fraud, and identity theft are rampantly occurring with increasing frequency.

Multi-domain Certificates- SAN certificates

That is why choosing the right SSL certificate to buy is a decision that should not be taken light

You can obtain a Thawte SSL, Geotust SSL, Sectigo SSL or a Digicert SSL at anyone of the aforementioned levels of validation.


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