Digicert SSL or Secure Site Certificate

Digicert SSL or Secure Site Certificate

Digicert SSL certificates has recently acquired Symantec web security business unit including it other brands like Thawte, Geotrust and rapidssl.

However, just like symantec certificate, the secure site pro range have been the most trusted and secure certificate on the market providing ECC algorithm and up to 512 RSA encryption.

This is the certificate of choice for most fortune 500 companies considering it higher encryption reliability as well as brand recognition.

so what do you really get out of a secure site certificate and why should you consider this for your business?

To answer that, we have listed some of the top features of this certificate which is available as Organisation validated (OV), Wildcard or Extended validation (EV) in both entry level or Pro

SSL certificate features

Secure site Pro

  • 1- and 2-year pricing available
  • Secure up to 250 subject alternative names for the same or different subdomain with a single certificate
  • Secure multiple subdomain within a single domain using wildcard certificate
  • Norton™ seal, the internet’s most-recognized trust mark
  • Exclusive priority support and validation
  • Highest assurance plus brand protection (available with ev)
  • Highest level of tls brand validation and protection available with ev
  • Fast malware checker with 70+ antivirus scanners and url/domain blacklist services
  • Cloud-based continuous monitoring of certificate transparency (ct) logs
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices
  • RSA public-key sha-2 algorithm (supports hash functions: 256, 384, 512)
  • ECC public-key cryptography (supports hash functions: 256 and 384)
  • $2 million warranty

Depending on the security level you require, you can chose between the entry level , mid range of the high security (pro) certificate.

As an authorized Digicert SSL certificate partner, we are able to offer up to 35% discount on direct pricing,

please visit https://www.sslcertificate.ch/digicert-ssl-certificate to acquire your certificate today