Why use an EV certificate

Why use an EV certificate

Certificates with Extended Validation (EV) are regarded as the highest class of all SSL certificates available on the market. They are the only certificates that trigger both the padlock and the green address bar in high-security web browsers. The certificate authority is displayed next to the web address, which adds even more credibility to your website. Your visitors can see at a glance that your site meets the industry’s highest standard for authentication.

Extended Validation was established years ago by the CA/Browser Forum, an association of web browser vendors and certificate authorities. Since EV is by far the most rigorous way of verifying identity information and the authority of companies or individuals that apply for an SSL certificate, an Extended Validation certificate provides a strong guarantee that the website owner passed a thorough identification process. The applicant has to prove not only exclusive rights to use the domain, but also its physical and legal existence.

What type of Website needs EV?

EV certificates are mainly used on public websites where people enter payment information (e.g. credit card details and bank account numbers) or other sensitive information. Studies show that online shops using Extended Validation have far lower purchase abort rates than businesses that use standard SSL certificates or even no security certificate at all. If you show your visitors proof of your website’s identity and encryption, you gain trust that translates into more transactions and higher revenues.

Another field where Extended Validation certificates are used is the financial sector. As banks, insurance carriers, credit unions and other financial institutions are favorite targets for phishing attacks and other cyber security threats, having an EV Certificate is the best way to give the customers peace of mind and tell them that the website they are visiting has passed the strict guidelines maintained by the CA/Browser Forum. As soon as the address bar turns green, they know that the site owner actually is who he says he is.

EV certificate: Ranking in searching engines

In 2014, Google announced that using an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing website owners can do to boost their search engine ranking. The Google search boost for using SSL certificates applies to all types of websites, regardless if they deal with personal information or not. This means that even if your site does not have a login page or a checkout section, you still get ranking benefits by having an SSL certificate.

This is especially true if you use an Extended Validation certificate from Prima Secure. It not only helps you to improve your conversion rate – it also increases the average visitor time (or “time on site“) which is known to be part of the Google ranking algorithm. If you are operating in a fiercely contested market, using an SSL certificate with Extended Validation can give you an edge over your competitors. Call us at +41225349016 (Swiss)  & +27218135974 (South Africa) or contact us by e-mail (sales@primasecure.net) to learn more.

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