Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain

Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain

Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain

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Geotrust Business ID Multi Domain

Need to secure multiple domains on your organization’s website? GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain certification is an excellent option. As one of the leading brands in the SSL industry, GeoTrust can be a trustworthy and reliable choice. This True BusinessID Multi-Domain certificate can help you enable 256-bit encryption for up to 250 domains and limitless subdomains. GeoTrust is one of the leading brands available in the SSL industry that offers full business certification. It is a perfect solution for small-medium size businesses. This multi-domain certificate comes pre-bundled with 4 additional domains, which means 5 domains in total. You may add a number of additional domains as per your company’s needs (up to a total of 250).

Product Features

1. Free and unlimited self-service re-issues

2. Can secure up to 250 domains, private server names, and IPs on a single server

3. Up to 256-bit SSL encryption, 2048 bit root  GeoTrust multi-domain certificate

4. Works well with most smartphone applications

5. 99% compatibility with smartphone devices and web browsers

6. Easy and quick for enrollment, installation, and issuance

When you buy this product, you will get GeoTrust® Site Seal that embeds the name and date of the organization and a time stamp. The GeoTrust True Business ID multidomain is OV certified. It assures your online visitors that your organization is a legitimate operation and reliable to work with. The GeoTrust Business ID Multi-Domain SSL Certificate comes with an encryption strength of up to 256-bit and this applies to all domains and subdomains. 

When you get this  GeoTrust SSL Certificate you need to ensure that it is compatible with all browsers. When you purchase GeoTrust Business ID Multi-Domain SSL Certificate, you can have peace of mind as it is 995 compatible with mobile devices and major browsers. Backed by a $1,250,000 warranty, this certificate also comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If not satisfied, you can cancel it and get your money back.


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