Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

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Comodo Multi Domain SSL

Comodo is one of the largest security solutions provider with the biggest share of SSL. It offers reasonable SSL certificates. Comodo Multi-Domain SSL allows web hosts and website owners to secure multi-domain names without having to manage multiple certificates. This is a quick and easy solution for organizations looking to secure several websites easily. Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a perfect investment for companies with numerous unique domains hosted on different servers. This validated SSL certificate can secure many domains – saving both money and time while offering high-level security and trust for users. This SSL certification is an ideal option for business websites that collect sensitive client data.

Product Features

  1. Can secure multiple domains
  2. Save money over buying several SSL certificates
  3. Save time over managing different SSL certificates
  4. Up to 256-bit encryption
  5. Unlimited server
  6. Full business validation

How to get Comodo Multi-Domain SSL?

  • Organization Validation

Along with its domain ownership, Comodo also checks the registration of business before issuing a certificate. This gives assurance to the visitors of a site. 

  • Unlimited Server Licenses

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL provides you unlimited server licenses. This means you have an option to install the certificate on any number of physical servers. 

  • Time Processing

For this level of validation, paperwork is needed. But Comodo issues the certificate within 2 or fewer days without any hassle. 

  • Multi-Domain Security

Its multi-domain security has three domains. One is by default and the other is with alternate names (SANs). 

  • Static Site Seal

Static Site Seal is free SSL logos offered along with your certificate. These can be displayed anywhere on the site to let the visitors know that your site is Comodo SSL Certified. 

Comodo MDC is a smart solution to any security and management solutions of web domains. This single certificate helps you save money and time by simplifying the task of your certificate management. 

To know more about Comodo Multi-Domain SSL, get in touch with us today!

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